The project has been inspired by Team Rocket of Pokemon but, Our Team Rrocket are the greatest defenders of good.

We will become the Anti rug pull / scam brigade Token for the Defi community. Working with the goal to make a difference in the most transparent, educational, fun, and honest way possible.


There is a current need and opportunity in the Defi Ecosystem to provide newbies and traders of all levels of experience with education and tools.

Which would help them to recognize a rug pull or other forms of scams and also create a stronger barrier of protection for their assets.

So if they were to fall into a trap, their funds would be more recoverable than what is currently available.

This need clearly exist , because as we all know, scams affect all legitimate cryptocurrency / token investors and projects.

Solana is a blockchain that embraces the creation of new projects and innovation, but this also opens the doors for scammers to deceive investors.

Which is counterproductive for the crypto world and affects us all as investors and promoters of this technology.



The Mission is to make the ecosystem more safe for all users and to consistently promote positive creative advancements.

Which would improve the overall acceptance and credibility for Defi and Meme projects. This requires new tools and education that will open the avenues of simplicity.

Tools and education combined with greater services will provide revenue streams, to secure and increase the value, and desirability of the Rrocket Token.

When looking at the importance of what value can be placed on changing the way that the average person interacts with technology, that has a broad and challenging learning curve.

Consider, how Windows and Apple changed our interaction with the underlying code of operating systems.... The average person is now at similar disadvantage in their Defi adventure.

Team Rrocket can provide an innovative solution promoting us to become the number one Token Community fighting against the bad actors. We want Solana to be the absolute best experience for all that come here to share a part of their life with the combined Solana Culture. This can be achieved by creating easy to use Anti-Scam tools combined with ongoing education and good practices.


$Rrocket focuses on making a community driven token that is used as a currency within the projects we will develop and the greater Defi ecosystem. A currency , token that creates value for all the holders.

All the Team Rrocket members are devoted to the token being developed into fun and motivating projects. The idea of Meme token derives from people simply looking for moments to share smiles with others.

Everyone will agree that smiles are welcome and needful. So, those will not be forgotten while we are developing the tools and services which will be the economic driving force of $Rrocket token producing opportunities for passive income products and long term growth as we build the community towards our plan to surpass a Billion dollar market cap.

Crypto-Meowth Scam Alert App.:

The app that will unite hundreds of sources into one single

easy AI driven platform to assist in avoiding rug pulls and other scams.

Team Rrocket Official Pokemon Real World Assets NFT Trading Platform:

Real World Assets Trading Platform developed in collaboration with The Pokemon Company to provide exclusive Pokemon themed products and their corresponding NFTs.

These projects all provide different opportunities to increase value in the token and the community. The income produced from fees, licensing agreements, Nfts and real world assets sales, or any other income will be converted into Sol token and used in social building projects, charities, or as the community decides. Clearly there is no limit to what can be proposed and voted on in the Rrocket community.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We're in talks with potential partners to assist in the commercial development of the Rrocket Community projects and their branding.

Lets Have Fun !


Core Team Members








Extensive Defi Investing , Sales and Marketing Background

Expert in sustainable initiatives, Community building

Veteran in Marketing and project development field

Product research and market analysis


Rrocket stands as a groundbreaking initiative that merges simplicity and innovative AI resources. Our unique blend of community building with utilities designed to produce tangible contributions and sustainability, set us apart in the rapidly evolving landscape of the Solana Community.

We're not just another Meme token; we're a movement towards a more responsible, fun, and safe defi ecosystem.